While many musicians are known for their musical talents, some are equally proficient in the visual arts, showcasing their creativity and versatility across different mediums. From painting to photography, these 19 musicians have demonstrated their artistic prowess beyond the confines of the stage, leaving a lasting impression with their visual expressions.

David Bowie

In addition to his legendary music career, David Bowie was also a talented visual artist. He experimented with painting, drawing, and sculpture, often incorporating themes of identity, transformation, and surrealism into his artwork. Bowie’s artistic endeavors were as innovative and boundary-pushing as his music, reflecting his multifaceted creative vision.

Joni Mitchell

Renowned singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is also a gifted painter with a unique artistic style. Her artwork often features vibrant colors, abstract forms, and intricate patterns, reflecting her love of nature and her experiences as a musician. Mitchell’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries around the world, earning acclaim for their beauty and emotional depth.

John Lennon

Best known as a member of The Beatles, John Lennon was also a talented visual artist. He created whimsical and introspective drawings and sketches, often incorporating themes of peace, love, and personal reflection. Lennon’s artwork provided insight into his creative mind and served as a form of self-expression beyond his music career.

Patti Smith

Punk rock icon Patti Smith is not only a trailblazing musician but also a talented visual artist. She has explored photography, drawing, and mixed media, creating works that are as raw and powerful as her music. Smith’s visual artistry often reflects her poetic sensibility and her passion for social and political activism.

Bob Dylan

Legendary folk singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is also an accomplished visual artist. He has been painting and drawing for decades, creating expressive works that capture the essence of his life and travels. Dylan’s artwork, like his music, is deeply personal and reflective, offering viewers a glimpse into his creative process and inner world.

Miles Davis

Jazz icon Miles Davis was not only a masterful trumpeter but also a talented visual artist. He began painting in the 1980s, creating vibrant and abstract works inspired by his improvisational approach to music. Davis’ paintings often mirror the energy and spontaneity of his legendary jazz performances, showcasing his creativity in a different medium.

Yoko Ono

Conceptual artist Yoko Ono is known for her groundbreaking work in the visual arts, as well as her contributions to music. Her multimedia installations, performance art, and experimental films have pushed the boundaries of artistic expression, often exploring themes of peace, love, and social change. Ono’s artistry transcends traditional mediums, reflecting her innovative spirit and commitment to activism.

Brian Eno

Electronic music pioneer Brian Eno is not only a groundbreaking composer and producer but also a visual artist. He has created light installations, generative artworks, and immersive experiences that blur the lines between sound and vision. Eno’s visual art projects often complement his music, creating multisensory experiences that engage and captivate audiences.

Grace Slick

As the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, Grace Slick captivated audiences with her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence. She is also a talented visual artist, known for her psychedelic artwork that reflects the spirit of the 1960s counterculture. Slick’s paintings often feature bold colors, surreal imagery, and intricate details, mirroring the iconic visuals from her music career.


These 19 musicians have demonstrated their artistic talents beyond the realm of music, creating visually stunning works that captivate and inspire audiences around the world. From painting to photography, their artwork reflects the same creativity, passion, and innovation that have made them legends in the music industry.


  1. How did these musicians develop their visual art skills?
    • Many of these musicians began exploring visual art as a form of self-expression and creative outlet alongside their music careers. Some received formal training, while others developed their skills through experimentation and practice.
  2. Where can I view these musicians’ artwork?
    • Some of these musicians’ artwork may be available for viewing in galleries, museums, or online platforms dedicated to visual art. Additionally, books and documentaries may offer insights into their artistic endeavors.
  3. Are there other musicians who are also talented visual artists?
    • Absolutely, there are many musicians who have demonstrated proficiency in visual art, showcasing their creativity across different mediums. The artists featured in this list are just a few examples of the intersection between music and visual expression.
  4. What inspires these musicians’ artwork?
    • The inspiration for these musicians’ artwork varies widely and may include personal experiences, emotions, social and political issues, nature, and the creative process itself.
  5. How do these musicians balance their music careers with their visual art pursuits?
    • For many of these musicians, visual art serves as a complementary outlet for creative expression alongside their music careers. They may dedicate time to both pursuits, finding inspiration and fulfillment in each form of artistry.