Hip-Hop has always been about beating the odds to become a superstar – from showing chops against other rappers to making enough money to help your family and community, a lot of the greatest rappers share a ‘come up’ story which makes their music so significant.

Big MG is no exception to this rule – with his single Pop Out reaching over 250,000 views on YouTube, you may have guessed there’s more to this star-studded rapper’s story. It’s clear that Big MG worked hard to gain the musical skills he’s equipped with today, and he had to fight some pretty monumental odds to get there, too.

Big MG didn’t come out of the womb with the knack for rapping, but rather something that was cultivated over time. In fact, he almost died shortly after his birth because of heart failure. With his heart stopping and his lungs collapsing three weeks after he was born, Big MG suffered from a 70% hearing loss that still affects him to this day – but if his music is anything to go by, that hasn’t stopped him one bit.

With hits like Pop Out and single ‘Never’, he shows that despite his impaired hearing, he can still provide unique flows and bars over hard-hitting beats. He may even be branded ‘The Rap Game’s Beethoven,’ as the famous composer also created absolute hits despite being hearing impaired.

Big MG has been making a name for himself with his music. His debut EP “M.A.D.”(My Audio Diary) is a showcase of his life, with a positive and uplifting sound. His recent releases “Pop Out”, “Rich & Ratchet” & “Never,” have been well-received by fans. With such a strong start to his career, there is no doubt that Big MG is destined for greatness. Stay connected with him on social media for updates on new music and tour dates.

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