George Pareti is an eighteen year old artist, videographer and entrepreneur from Chicago. Growing up surrounded by music his whole life there was always a big musical influence in his childhood and upbringing. As a kid he played a few instruments and once he began to see kids his own age making music, he decided he would give it a try and see what he could create.



Growing up there was never a specific type of music that George liked or enjoyed, he was always open to listening and singing along to anything. With that being said, once the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 spread, he realized he was passionate about what the music industry has to offer and he wanted to take it as seriously as he could. With lots of time on his hands, George took to the music industry and worked on it consistently every day. George was then able to find the music he enjoys creating the most which he says is melodic vibes for the most part. Now with a fanbase and a following, George is looking to continue his career and work on getting a bigger buzz to surround his name. He is hopeful that once he gets a big enough fanbase that supports him, he has plans to release an EP and continue to grow his brand. As for right now George is focused on releasing singles out and getting his name out there into the larger music industry that exists. George is always excited for the future and he knows that one day he will look back and be thankful for all of the hard work he put in now and that he continued to pursue his dreams at such a young age.

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