Nuranrah is a 22 year old hip hop artist from the Toronto, Canada area. His passion for music began at the age of 16 when he first heard the music of Nav, a hip hop phenom from the Toronto area as well. Nuran had always wanted to be a song writer but after the inspiration for the works of Nav he began to experiment with his voice on the musical production system Pro Tools and worked to find his own sound for his craft. After perfecting his music for years he finally decided to go public with his ambition to be the next Toronto rap sensation by dropping his debut single in 2019 called “No More”. The song speaks of his tragic past relationship and how he can’t trust another person with his heart ever again. Gaining himself some recognition locally, people were becoming true fans as they related to Nuranrah’s emotional track. It wasn’t til his next release “Throwback” was released til he started garnering tremendous attention on a wide spread scale after the song became a Canadian hit on the radios. Since establishing himself as one of Canada’s newest musical stars he has released several other songs, “MIA” along with his most streamed anthem to date “Involved”. Now having just recently released another song “What it takes” his stock has began to rise once again, emphasizing his passion for his craft and solidifying his mark on Toronto’s music culture. Keep a watchful eye on this young up and coming talent Nuranrah as he aspires to strive for greatness not just locally but worldwide.