Kris is a budding musician whose debut EP, “Where do I Begin?” reflects her multifaceted style and musical creativity. As a rising artist, Kris wanted to give her listeners a taste of her unique perspective and varying musical influences. To achieve this, her EP features an assortment of ballads deeply reflective of society and introspective of her personal experiences.

Kris has been influenced by folk, classical, and pop, and it is shown in her regal work. The stately melodies that grace her pieces reveal an excellent adherence to the lost art of the buildup. In some ways, her sound, the way it organically grows, directly parallels groups like early Arcade Fire as there is that same level of earnestness. Much of this can be attributed to her vast array of interests, from ancient to highly modern. Her parents’ support during her childhood resulted in this rather expansive, elaborate series of patterns.

Experience in college cemented this path, taking inspiration from some of the true classics like Mendelssohn alongside the piano musings of Billy Joel’s pop perfectionism. Perhaps most tellingly, one of the primary sources of inspiration for her eventual final form came from the unstoppable force of Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame. Like Stevie Nicks, Kris has the strength to present herself to the audience. She stayed behind the piano for the longest time, never expecting or expressing interest in singing. After receiving encouragement from family, friends, classmates, and the like, she finally decided to share her voice with the world. The tales that graced her compositions speak to her experience growing up, coming to terms with oneself, and trying to find comfort, even compassion, within the world, giving her work this soul-satisfying sweetness.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the music industry, Kris possesses a natural talent for crafting heartfelt lyrics that resonate with her audience. Her EP showcases her ability to explore different themes and moods, highlighting her versatility and range as an artist. Kris’s singing style and harmony vary from track to track, allowing listeners to discover the many facets of her musical persona.

Kris sees her debut EP as an opportunity to introduce herself to a broader audience and showcase her diverse musical range. She takes great pride in her songwriting abilities and has put significant effort into creating an album that truly captures the essence of her artistic vision.

Done with dignity and grace, Kris explores the mind’s innermost workings with her meditative, deeply soothing sound.

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