Despite his extensive musical background and experience playing with various bands, WHOiSEE, aka Brett Hopkin’s musical world, was turned on its head when he watched Skrillex take to the stage armed with a dizzying array of electronic music technology. As a classically trained saxophonist, Brett had been honing his craft since he was just seven years old, eventually earning a spot on the All-State team during his senior year of high school. But at that moment, watching Skrillex light up the stage with a fusion of electronic and dubstep beats, Brett’s eyes were opened to the true power of this unique genre of music.

With newfound curiosity and determination, Brett set out to explore the world of electronic music more intensely, immersing himself in the intricacies of the genre and experimenting with new sounds and techniques. Drawing on his extensive musical background and his natural talent for saxophone, he began to fuse traditional instrumental music with electronic beats, creating a wholly unique and utterly mesmerizing sound.

Brett’s passion for electronica tech soon led to the creation of his alter ego, WHOiSEE, a musical persona that allowed him to explore the full potential of this influential genre.

Brett Hopkin’s journey as an artist has been fascinating, marked by several milestones that have defined his rise to the top of the electronic dance music scene. His passion for dance music was solidified in 2012, after which he began to explore a range of new musical genres and styles, quickly establishing himself as a talented and innovative producer, sound designer, and audio engineer.

After earning a degree in Sound Recording Technology from Texas State University, Brett Hopkin spent little time launching his music project, WHOiSEE, in 2023. It was a bold move, but it immediately paid dividends, as his debut single, “Colossal,” was picked up by Noiseporn Records and quickly gained traction with fans across the globe.

Since then, WHOiSEE has gone from strength to strength, with four additional singles dropping in recent months, each showcasing Brett Hopkin’s keen ear for melody, his masterful command of soundscapes, and his boundless creative energy. Among the standout tracks is his latest release, “Chosen,” a collaboration with Rioux 5 that has taken the EDM world by storm, drawing critical acclaim for its blend of driving beats, shimmering synths, and expressive vocals.

WHOiSEE is undoubtedly a rising star for electronic dance music fans, and Brett Hopkin’s contributions to the genre will surely be felt for many years. With his fearless approach to musical experimentation and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with sound, he is a true innovator and a visionary artist in every sense. So, if you still need to experience the electrifying sound of WHOiSEE, there’s no better time to dive in and discover the next big thing in EDM for yourself.

Whether performing live or in the studio, Brett’s powerful beats will leave a lasting impression, cementing his place as one of our most talented and innovative musicians.

Today, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, constantly striving to innovate and create new sounds that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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