A truly multifaceted artist, Twiggii has already explored a million different facets of her personality. With origins in ballet, whose elements still appear in her music videos, she certainly has gone on a great journey. The movement that she used within her body is the same movement she uses within her music. Quite sinewy the music manages to bridge a number of different time periods, going from classical all the way to modern-day pop. Classical inclinations make sense too for she has played the violin since the age of eight.

The physicality within her ballet and within the classical bent led her to her past musical life in a metal band, a genre that has a shockingly large amount of overlap within the classical realm. Called Wardoon, they were quite metal and her voice had a siren’s call quality about it. Opera then moved to the forefront as a shockingly logical move from this, then gospel. All these different aspects, the myriad number of artistic lives already lived, led her to pop, but pop infused with a definite sense of purpose and thought.

Due to these experiences, one gets a sense of each of them in her current output. The heaviness of classical and metal certainly inform much of the yearning aspect. Her fire and passion draw from these too, as does gospel, which often seems to tap into the otherworldly.

On both the debut original drop “Closer” and her follow-up most current release “Love It” she brings the threads from all facets of her artistic vision to weave them into a vibrant tapestry.

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