Joining a slew of confrontational MCs, Janae Music races through everything on the aggressive gleam of “Watch Out.” Her style is reminiscent of Lil Kim and Gangsta Boo, for there is an eerie quality that feels quite nightmarish in certain moments. Her flow is like fire burning down everything around her. Nor does she take prisoners. Instead, the track works as a vision statement, where she runs the game. Verses build one on top of the other, for this unending sense of dread filters into the mix.

Nothing is held back, for she goes through the entirety of the track with unmatched ferocity. So much of her approach has a verve to it that brings to mind the early 90s era of hip-hop. Production-wise though, it is very much rooted in the contemporary, with trap beats going deep into the red with their intense vigor. Layer upon layer gets balanced into the whole experience, ensuring every part receives enough room to shine. The melodies have a regal elegance, which helps lend Janae Music’s uncanny ability to explore mood and texture. The buildup of the track ensures that it becomes a genuinely dizzying, chaotic vision, one easy to get lost in.

“Watch Out” revels in the exquisite wordplay and no-hold-barred approach of Janae Music with a sensibility that has a feral fierceness to it.

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