Ken Anthony’s two-minute track is a beautiful, scorching, head-bopping dive into the mind of an artist who has faced hard times but isn’t afraid of going after his success.

Virginia rapper Ken Anthony is showing on his new single ‘Menace II Society’ why he could be your new favorite artist in years to come.   

‘Menace II Society,’ shared in 2023, has racked up tens of thousands of listens across streaming sites, enlarging Ken’s eager fanbase. It’s a significant milestone for Ken, who has faced all manner of difficulties throughout his life but whose determination and grit have helped him out on the other side with an appetite for success. 

Citing artists like Eminem, Juice WRLD, and J Cole as inspirations, Ken’s lyrics are both meaningful and purposeful. On ‘Menace II Society,’ he casts an honest eye over some of his less-than-reputable activities in the past (“pushin’ all this Fuckin tree”). His delivery and flow are weighted perfectly on this track; Ken doesn’t boast about crime or revel in it, as less experienced rappers might do – instead, he reflects on precisely who he is, what he’s done, and where he plans to go. His verses are tight, and his rhymes are sometimes unexpectedly brilliant – for example, rhyming “focused on payday” with “keep it moving andalay” is a masterstroke. 

As first singles go, this is a cut above.