Adopted into a loving family as a newborn, Robert Cristian Jordan grew up in a rural area of Texas with his parents, who always sought unique experiences and opportunities for him. From a young age, he was exposed to musical theater and cinema, which has heavily influenced his current songwriting style. Robert describes seeing “images or movies play in his head” of his songs-to-be, which has resulted in his coined style, “Cinematic Pop.”

But that’s not all; Robert also had a stint as a professional wrestling manager on national/international television with the Global Wrestling Federation when he was only 15. At the time, he was over 350 pounds, which helped make Robert appear older than his actual age. During high school, he discovered his powerful voice after singing a chorus from the opera FAUST, realizing the power of his belted note. From that moment on, Robert knew his journey had just begun.

Later in life, Robert underwent a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, which allowed him to live a more productive and active life without the physical limitations imposed by his weight. He remains an emotional eater to this day, but he has learned to overcome his addiction to food and body dysmorphia and strive towards a healthier lifestyle.

Robert’s first full-length album, Phoenix Rising, came out in February 2023 and tells the first chapter of his and his sons’ stories. With slower tempo songs and in a manner befitting MARVEL or the DC cinematic universes, Jordan introduces HIS Phoenix character, which has become the symbol of rising above all adversity for Jordan and his sons.

“My four sons, adopted from the foster care system as a single father, inspire my music immensely. Their profound and multiple traumas have shaped my writing and how I support mental health awareness.”

Robert designs all of his performance costumes, and most incorporate Swarovski Crystals. His Phoenix character’s costume has over 10,000–15,000 crystals he has hand-applied.

Robert’s second album, slated for release in late 2023/early 2024, is titled “Laying in the Ashes.” It will be a fitting sequel to the first album, featuring many more up-tempo songs and a continued theme of positive vibes. Robert’s music has also been pitched internationally for radio, film, and television and is set to be featured in upcoming projects.

Robert is an artist who lets the art of musical theater and movie magic inspire his songwriting process. He begins each new piece by crafting melodies on the keys, leaving room for vibrant stories to emerge through music. He generally adds other instruments, often orchestral, and sometimes includes rock instruments when the mood calls for it. He performed in musicals and even in his first opera, Faust while studying vocal performance in college.

Robert Cristian Jordan is a true inspiration, rising above his adversities and inspiring others with his uplifting music. His music reflects the positivity he seeks to expand worldwide, and he aims to crush hate and “Spread the Love” one song at a time.

With an inspiring mission to lift artistic endeavors – especially musical ones – Robert recently founded PHOENIX RISING MUSIC FOUNDATION, INC., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This organization raises funds for other music-focused charities and is dedicated to providing fair compensation and support for emerging artists through its charity performances.

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