Few artists have made quite as strong an introduction as YungVV has on his debut mixtape, The V Tape. On songs like ‘Fetty On Fetty,’ he states why he’ll be raking in bank in future years. 

New Jersey artist YungVV has shared his debut mixtape, The V Tape, which introduces fans to his groundbreaking, original take on pop-trap music. 

The artist, based in Sicklerville in South Jersey, first came to attention after sharing tracks on SoundCloud in 2019. He was praised for his mesmerizing vocal flow, no-holds-barred lyrics, and the unique production beats that formed his songs’ backbone. 

The V Tape marks how far YungVV has come to become a serious artist. The 26-year-old rapper admitted that he wasn’t always making music for the right reasons initially, saying: “When I first started, I just wanted to be famous.” But following the growing fanbase he obtained after each subsequent release; he says that he now values people having a connection to his music more than anything. 

The V Tape is YungVV’s search for a way to connect with his fans. The six songs on this EP dwell in excess – from the maximalist, layered production elements to the relentless lyrics about sex, drugs, violence, and getting ahead of the competition. But he’s also exploring deeper themes in these lyrics, with the real focus of these songs being about loyalty, betrayal, and the ups and downs of a life spent grinding. 

In some ways, ‘Fetty On Fetty’ feels like a victory lap song, following the outpouring of lyrical mastery on the other five tracks on The V Tape. YungVV uses this song to reassert his credentials as a born star, making numerous references to how his success has helped him grow into the status symbol he’s always wanted to be: “I’m getting Fetty, My pockets heavy”/ “I’m rocking Dior, I’m rocking Celine.” 

Lyrically, you can tell that YungVV is out to make sure that his words ring true, no matter what he’s rapping about. The artist explains his songwriting process: “The process is straightforward, but I do have a few things I do specifically. I like to write my songs on the morning of my studio sessions. I have more creative thoughts early in the morning. Then I record myself on my phone to hear how I sound over the beat.” This process allows VV to make sure he can capture the track’s vibe when he eventually gets into the recording booth. “I always take my time,” he explains, “so I can feel the song’s vibe and beat.”

He’s on an incredible streak, so expect to hear much more from YungVV in the future. 

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