A rather unusual set of circumstances underscores the unexpected journey of Justin Mattock’s musical career. First, starting within the pop-punk genre, he shifted himself over to the country side of things. Regardless of his particular musical interests, his primary attention has always been on the hook. That is partly why his transition from the black skinny jeans uniform to blue denim seems so flawless because a hook is always a hook, no matter what style it presents itself.

He’s gotten busy on the other side of the fence, siding with cowpokes over baristas. Already he has managed to garner a bit of attention in a relatively short time frame. “By Your Side” started the trip, and four songs and a quarter million streams later, he’s going strong. “First Time” hit #4 on the UK country charts, sparking additional interest across the rest of the country hubs of the world, like the United States, Canada, and Australia. Following that, he’s come on through with “She’s Whiskey” and has hit independent Country music radio all over the world.

Many different music scenes have seen Justin Mattock touch their world. He’s been a prominent member of the Canadian music scene since 2014, proving he’s the real deal. He’s produced, written music, formed musical collectives, and has reached out to fans worldwide. Whatever he has put his mind to, he has succeeded immensely.

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