A lot about that drum and bass of hip-hop has been hugely influential. Whole genres have sprouted out of what hip-hop initially created. The kicks, the subwoofer, and the atmosphere are all perfectly embodied within IamKay. He makes sure to hold nothing back, for that sense of celebration goes into each one of his tracks. Keeping them pop-friendly, too, they are packed to the brim with hooks.

On “Play,” his most recent release, he shows this in abundance. A track about the consequences of heartbreak, it has a duality that is refreshing. The song does not simply mope around like so many other breakup songs. No, there is a power that exists, the liberation, the freedom, alongside the look in the mirror that follows such a loss.

He has created his label and brand, “Showtime Entertainment,” to showcase his talent. Though a solo artist, the number of collaborations he’s undergone is undoubtedly impressive. Even his online presence, from Twitter to TikTok, reveals a thoughtful individual. With this and his constant output, it is easy to get lost in his exquisitely designed aural universe.

When he’s not in the studio and not online, he’s busy performing seemingly endlessly. This is perhaps the best way to get one’s sound entirely focused. He’s been working on this for a long time, and it seems all that energy is still going strong.

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