The unique sound that KNØTTZ brings to the table is accompanied by his distinctive persona and image, which adds to the overall impact of
his music. His grittiness and rawness in his performances testify to his authenticity and dedication to his craft. Furthermore, his commitment to the well-being of artists is prominent in his desire to start his own label, which prioritizes creative freedom and gives young experimental artists a platform to showcase their music.

KNØTTZ is an artist to keep an eye on in the music industry, and his efforts to inspire and comfort those who feel alone in their thoughts and feelings are admirable. His music reflects his life and values, and his dedication to the growth and development of upcoming artists highlights his passion for the music industry.

Explicit references to the lo-fi bleariness of black metal, KNØTTZ offers no comfort on “BIPOLAR.” The song has a dazed quality. He alternates between depression and fury, never settling too much into either. Guitar riffs go for the tortured, with the music seemingly fighting through a sea of emotions. Word choice matters as much as the delivery does. A neat embodiment of what it means to lose touch with reality gradually, the song revels in the excess, the overthrowing of everything in its path. Stylistically he embraces the dread allowing it to reign supreme over scorched earth.

A far-off sound comes into view. Beats announce the beginning of the unholy procession. His vocals feature a great degree of tenderness. The
way the lyrics allude to what happens next is some great foreshadowing, letting the piece work itself into a fevered pitch. Only the arrangement remains the same, but the song gains power with the new vocal tactic. He virtually commands attention with the lyrics writhing in pain. He lets the two approaches merge for the final stretch, the soft and loud battling it out without a clear winner. Keeping things uncertain is essential, as aspects of the tortured Yelp could be viewed in multiple ways, as malice, as a complete sense of giving up. Rhythms keep up with his voice, adding punctuation to both styles without settling into either.

The mix of soft yearning alongside visceral rage shows that KNØTTZ is deathly serious on “BIPOLAR.”

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