Music collaborations have the power to surprise and delight audiences, bringing together artists from different genres and backgrounds to create something truly special. From unexpected pairings to groundbreaking fusions of styles, these 13 music collaborations took the world by storm and left fans eagerly anticipating what would come next.

“Walk This Way” by Run-D.M.C. feat. Aerosmith

“Walk This Way” brought together rap pioneers Run-D.M.C. and rock legends Aerosmith in a groundbreaking fusion of hip-hop and rock that reshaped the musical landscape. The collaboration introduced rap to a mainstream audience and revitalized Aerosmith’s career, proving that music knows no boundaries.

“Stan” by Eminem feat. Dido

“Stan” saw rapper Eminem team up with British pop singer Dido for a haunting exploration of obsession and celebrity culture. The unexpected collaboration struck a chord with listeners around the world and became one of Eminem’s most iconic songs.

“Numb/Encore” by Jay-Z feat. Linkin Park

“Numb/Encore” brought together rap icon Jay-Z and rock band Linkin Park for a genre-bending mashup that won critical acclaim and a Grammy award. The collaboration showcased the artists’ mutual respect and creativity, blending hip-hop and rock in a seamless fusion.

“Telephone” by Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé

“Telephone” united pop superstars Lady Gaga and Beyoncé for a high-energy collaboration that became an instant hit. The unexpected duet showcased the artists’ chemistry and shared love of catchy hooks and bold visuals, cementing their status as pop icons.

“Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie

“Under Pressure” brought together two musical legends, Queen and David Bowie, for a timeless anthem that addressed social issues and captured the spirit of the times. The collaboration remains one of the most iconic duets in music history.

“Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz feat. De La Soul

“Feel Good Inc.” combined the innovative sounds of virtual band Gorillaz with the iconic rap style of De La Soul, resulting in a genre-defying hit that resonated with listeners of all ages. The collaboration showcased the artists’ creativity and willingness to push boundaries.

“The Monster” by Eminem feat. Rihanna

“The Monster” saw Eminem team up with pop sensation Rihanna for a powerful exploration of inner demons and personal struggles. The unexpected collaboration struck a chord with fans and topped charts around the world.

“Homecoming” by Kanye West feat. Chris Martin

“Homecoming” brought together hip-hop artist Kanye West and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for a heartfelt tribute to West’s hometown of Chicago. The unexpected collaboration showcased the artists’ versatility and shared love of storytelling through music.

“Rain Over Me” by Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony

“Rain Over Me” united rapper Pitbull with salsa singer Marc Anthony for a catchy summer anthem that showcased their diverse talents. The unexpected collaboration proved to be a hit with fans of both artists and dominated airwaves around the world.

“Happier” by Ed Sheeran feat. Marshmello

“Happier” saw singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran team up with electronic music producer Marshmello for a heartfelt ballad about love and loss. The unexpected collaboration showcased Sheeran’s emotional storytelling and Marshmello’s infectious beats, winning over fans of both artists.

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

“Shallow” united pop star Lady Gaga with actor Bradley Cooper for a haunting duet featured in the film “A Star is Born.” The unexpected collaboration earned critical acclaim and an Academy Award, showcasing the artists’ raw talent and chemistry on screen.

“Old Town Road (Remix)” by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

“Old Town Road (Remix)” brought together rapper Lil Nas X and country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus for a genre-bending hit that defied expectations and dominated the charts. The unexpected collaboration sparked conversations about musical boundaries and brought together fans of rap and country music.


These 13 music collaborations surprised everyone with their unexpected pairings, innovative fusions of styles, and unforgettable hits. From rap and rock to pop and country, these collaborations showcase the power of music to transcend boundaries and bring people together in unexpected ways.


  1. What criteria were used to select the surprising music collaborations?
  • The surprising music collaborations were selected based on their unexpected pairings, innovative fusions of genres, and impact on popular culture.
  1. Are these music collaborations ranked in any particular order?
  • No, the music collaborations listed are not ranked in any particular order and are presented based on their individual merits and impact.
  1. Are there any other surprising music collaborations that could have been included on the list?
  • Absolutely, there are many other surprising music collaborations that have captured the imagination of fans around the world.
  1. What makes a music collaboration surprising?
  • A music collaboration is considered surprising when it brings together artists from different genres or backgrounds, resulting in unexpected and innovative music.
  1. Where can I listen to these music collaborations?
  • These music collaborations are available for streaming on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.