Ryan Mitchell exists out of time and out of place. With his intense focus on storytelling, he brings the listener into a unique and vivid world. Colors and textures defy easy categorization, for he manages to weave together a wide swath of styles to call his own. Somehow modern and classic at the same time, he brings both elements together in a way that has a distinctive beauty. Every line has so much heart poured into it. This, alongside his graceful arrangements, generates a sound that lingers in my mind.

With his most recent release, Covergirl, he proves his point amply. The song has a live-in quality to it. A reflective stance, one he utilizes in most of his work, comes across particularly well. In this particular piece, it is obvious how it acquired over 50K listens in the first week following its initial release. It makes sense that those who have seen him live comment on the sheer tenacity he brings to each performance. Though at night, he pours his heart and soul into every single track he performs. His mixture of the classic and contemporary get to mind similar artists mining the same territory, like Tobias Jesso Jr. and his ilk. Much like those, there is a powerful stance to it, a history that Ryan does not gloss over.

Pop demands fire to keep things unpredictable, and Ryan Mitchell is happy to be the catalyst.

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