Global streamers released 228 original European fiction titles in 2022, up from 2021’s 127, in an uptick led by Netflix, according to research by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

The report, Audiovisual Fiction Production in Europe 2022, states that two-thirds of these fiction titles were commissioned by Netflix, which amounts to 50%, while Amazon clocked 17%.

However, stats displayed in the report state that only 9% of overall fiction titles in Europe were commissioned by global streamers, while public service broadcasters (PSB) continue to lead fiction commissioning, with 56% originating from PSB, followed by private broadcasters at 35%.

Spain and the UK are also identified as the top production destinations for global streamers, with the two countries producing 39 titles each. Streaming productions mounted in Spain and the UK include The Crown, Sex Education, Elite, and Cathedral of the Sea. Other significant production hubs for streamers were the Nordic countries and France.

Elsewhere, international co-productions accounted for 7% of all fiction titles and were mostly limited to TV films and series with 13 episodes or less per season. The BBC, Netflix, and ZDF were the three main commissioners of series with 13 episodes or less per season.

In 2022, independent productions accounted for 84% of all titles produced, with 13% from production groups affiliated with a broadcaster but working for a third-party broadcaster. Banijay, RTL, and the Mediawan-Leonine Alliance were the three main producers of independent TV fiction.

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