inancial freedom means so much more than being able to buy what you want. “Financial freedom is the ability to have freedom of your time,” says Brian Iregbu, a rising musician who worked his way up in the music industry. He realized that his 6-figure career did not offer him true satisfaction, so he prioritized his true passions over his 9-5, retired his wife early, and is now doing music full time.

Brian doesn’t produce unique music to simply make a point, though, making a point is an added bonus. The real reason Brian I makes this kind of chart-topping music that has struck a chord with loyal fans and listeners is because of genuine passion. Even after achieving such massive success, Brian remains true to the craft.  “My biggest obstacle that I’ve had to overcome is switching my mindset from employee to employer. Learning the leadership skills to run my own business and follow my musical passions has been the toughest skill set to master over the past couple years,” he says. With a new set of skills to master he had the opportunity for growth, which was a learning experience for him.

Brian’s music brings a shift to his  genre, with his customized sounds and uncompromising originality. Brian’s music evokes a clean and beautiful sound that soothes the listener’s ear.

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