Toronto, Ontario based Indie Folk Singer-songwriter Dany Horovitz’s new single “Downward Into the Dark” is a powerful and emotional response to Canada’s dark history of residential schools. The haunting track features Horovitz’s ethereal vocals backed by a sparse acoustic guitar arrangement, creating a feeling of mournful reflection. Horovitz’s lyrics offer a glimpse into the pain and suffering experienced by Indigenous children who were forced into these institutions, and the effects that this intergenerational trauma has had on Indigenous communities. With its stirring blend of folk and indie sensibilities, “Downward Into the Dark” is a moving tribute to those who have been impacted by this dark chapter in Canadian history.

Horovitz’s clever instrumentation and compositional style are on full display, and the result is a track that is both familiar and fresh. With his highly anticipated track being released August 19th, “Downward into the Dark,” Horovitz shows that he is a master of his craft. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy, as Horovitz skillfully weaves together new ideas with familiar melodies. But it’s not just the guitar work that shines; the drums and harmonies placement are also well-considered and add to the overall richness of the single. If you’re a fan of Bob Dylan or Billy Joel, you’ll feel right at home with Horovitz’s latest release.

Horovitz’s father would play Beatles songs on guitar for him and his brother when they were growing up. His father’s love for music rubbed off on Horovitz, who eventually started picking up his dad’s guitar and writing his own songs. In a recent interview with podcast, “Music From Friends”, Horovitz recalls how his upbringing influenced his music career. “My grandfather, who was a watchmaker by trade, had a record store franchise in Montréal when I was growing up,” Horovitz says. “So, my parents always had great records in the house. We’d always be listening to a very old style of music. It would be ’50s and ’60s rock ‘n’ roll.” Thanks to his grandfather and father, Horovitz was exposed to different types of music at a young age, which inspired him to pursue a career in music. If you’re a fan of Bob Dylan or Billy Joel, you’ll feel right at home with Horovitz’s latest release.

Produced and engineered by Calvin Hartwick Drums: Colanthony Humphrey Guitar/bass: Sean Royle Strings: Mike Tompa Harmony arrangements/ background vocals: Kara MacKinley Vocals/percussion: Dany Horovitz Mixed by Dave Schiffman Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel Mastering Recorded at Dreamhouse Studios in Toronto, Canada

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